You need to know About Good Information Or Bad News – Plus the Distinction Is

You need to know About Good Information Or Bad News – Plus the Distinction Is

Ever had somebody give you unfortunate thing? How about great news? What’s typically the difference or is there a difference?

Good information – stuff or perhaps information that makes us happy, articles, reassured, secure plus validated.

Unfortunate thing — the opposite.

Therefore , it would appear that there is a difference between good and negative news – read on.

Have you ever gotten bad news however in the end items proved well or perhaps better than you predicted? Perhaps you have received good news and over moment what you considered was good information became not therefore good?

From private experience I can tell you of which I have knowledgeable all four –

Great news which was very good.

Bad news that was bad.

Good news that I thought was good but concluded up being negative.

Bad news that I thought has been bad and ended up being great.

Confused yet? Nicely I know that above time I used to be usually confused about the between these a couple of apparent opposite communications. But then I discovered that sometimes negative news for 1 person may be recognized as good reports on the table and that will good news to 1 person over moment can be perceived since bad.

Confused? Let me explain.

In the end it’s just news and what tends to make it good or bad or even neutral is not the news itself but how we all perceive it, determine it, evaluate that or react because of it.

Just how can someone perceive not so good news as good a person might ask? Or the opposite, how could someone perceive great news as bad?

Basically – each of us has a new unique history, experiences, beliefs and ideals and as the result none of us ever see exactly the same thing or circumstance in the same way.

Someone who is a worrier, unfavorable, pessimistic or intolerant might view a delay as bad whenever another person that understands the principle of you can find points we can manage and there are usually things we aren’t control so why acquire all upset concerning something you may not handle or if you possibly could control it get busy.

In the end anything that happens — just happens and what we carry out is interpret it all based about our expectations, goals, needs or mindsets and all of these are usually unique for every associated with us.

Let myself offer you a couple regarding personal examples. Plus if you will think about the explanation actually though you may well not have had precisely the same situations, if you may consider it I’ll become you can connect.

Prior to staring my speaking in addition to training career I actually was a countrywide sales manager with regard to an international corporation. Long story nevertheless the short side is I had a good issue with the boss, the president and as a new result he dismissed me. Unfortunate thing, right? Well that was just about all I needed to choose it was period to begin a career that has lasted over 40 yrs and has allowed myself to see the world (25 countries to date) and work along with some tremendous customers and audiences. Thus in the end this bad news was really very good news.

Here’s another fast one.

Years in the past I proposed to my wife plus she said indeed. Good news proper? (No judgments in this article please). Well above time after carrying out my best for a lot more than fifteen many years I decided of which it was time for you to end it in addition to why? Well, without the gruesome details, the connection was gradually eroding my self-esteem, self-confidence and optimistic attitude and I made the decision i didn’t just like who I was becoming for the reason that partnership. We parted, amicably – but all of us parted. Good news since I was in a position – over period – to get back all I had formed misplaced – emotionally in addition to spiritually.

Most of us have our stories in addition to we all can make lists of very good news and poor news we now have acquired but in the end it’s all merely news.

During some of my corporate applications I share this simple concept – stop asking your employees for very good news or bad news – just ask them for that news and and then you select which that is. Because their own definition could possibly be totally different than yours. And vice versa – as a great executive or manager don’t broadcast — I have some really good or bad information – just inform your employees you’ve got some reports and let every of them translate it as they see fit based upon their personal views, attitudes, mindsets, knowledge, expectations and just how that might impact them personally.

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